lørdag den 20. februar 2010

Mere om dejunking

Faldt lige over en interessant artikel om dejunking, hvor bl.a. forfatteren til min "bibel", Don Aslett, citeres: The Observer Et par citater derfra:

Don Aslett is a cleaning specialist, and the author of many bestselling books about clutter control. He believes that we're addicted to stuff, investing it with magical qualities like love, security, or personal development. "By the time we emerge from childhood, we firmly believe that things make us happy," he says. "If one little thing gives us pleasure, then surely more things will increase our pleasure. And things can change us, make us better.
When you get the junk out of your life, everything improves - mentally, physically and emotionally.
You should only keep things that make you feel good, function better, and contribute to the quality of your life. If you have a load of old stuff - say, your dead aunt's old shoes that you can't bear to throw away because you loved your aunt - try this: take a photograph of the shoes, put it into a beautiful frame, and throw the shoes away.

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